What I learned from working at a startup company

From November 2019 to February 2020, I’ve worked at a what is called start-up company.

Just about a week ago, I quit that job and now finally convinced myself to this “Syukatsu" event. Don’t get me wrong, I have been doing Syukatsu, actually relatively earlier than most of the people, since last April, right after I came back from America.

But now the meaning of “Syukatsu" changed. Now it is time to actually register yourself to company’s website and write an application, resume and all other stuff that you are going to be required. This is the climax of Syukatsu, because if you would not pass first screening, you won’t by any chance get a job. This is the phase you express your true self after 3-4 years of college life.

Yes. you need to face yourself more than anytime you spent in college. That’s why I quit my job. Well, there is actually complicated reasons why I quit, but the main reason was that.

So, why I actually quit my job ? Here I will write why, and would like to give you college students pros and cons of working at a startup company.

Why I quit that company?

God only knows what I was thinking, but I joined that company.

Last November, I was occupied with this idea of being a freelancer. You find a client, listen to their need, negotiate the salary, get the work done, and you keep doing this. If I could do that , I would not be afraid of being unemployed after I graduate. The possible way of me being a freelancer was to learn webdesign, and with little knowledge of HTML and computer skills, I started looking for a company where you can learn webdesign as you work( and get paid, of course). Well, If you really think there’s a such company who outspokenly declares that they kindly spare their resource to teach students and give you money, you must remember, that there’s a catch. But I found the actual company that teaches me. Little did I know that I am going to experience the actual hell afterwards, I happily applied for that company, went through two interviews, and congratulations, I got a job. Under the conditions of 2 months of training at logistics position. OK. I’ll take it . 2 months. That will give me enough time to learn business manner and basics, and to get ready for learning web design at the end of the tunnel. Come to think of it, I was being little overconfident and naive back then. I thought training will last less than they showed me. I thought, not starting off my first day at work with learning ABCs of webdesign was usual.
Therefore, I started working, 8 hours per day for 3 days a week, without any doubt about this company.

The job was OK. But 1 month, 2 months, 3 months passed.

Doing logistics was totally new to me. Since I was interested in that job itself as my first career, i thought this experience would benefit me in the long run. I don’t say the job was fun, but I got everything, that I was supposed to do, done without having too much troubles. Then a month passed since I started working. I got the basics and started having my own tasks without any help, realizing what I am poor at and good at. Two months passed. At that company, there were assigned tasks for each intern. You come to the office, open the excel sheet that writes interns’ tasks, you check it, report your assigned job to the office channel, and when you finish, you go home. The jobs you do everyday are pretty much decided by higher people, so there was not much we interns could do about it. I understood, that this is probably seeing me if I can do as I told, so I followed. Our office was always busy, lacking people, so I was also busy with my work too. Time went by fast, three months passed. Doing the jobs I was assigned, I could not stop wondering when I am going to start learning web design? This feeling started getting stronger and stronger day by day, so I naturally started paying attention to what my manager tells me and started searching for hints for how my situation is going to go. I was hopeful. I thought I could finally start learning webdesign. I could not wait. However, the decisive moment had to come. That company had a general meeting once a month. All employees must attend. So I attended too. In the very beginning of the meeting, the CEO of the company gave us an announcement of personnel change. Firstly in the sales position, secondly in the marketing position, and then in the logistics position. The letters on the screen were very small but I clearly saw my name in the logistics position. Wait, What? I knew that this meeting won’t happen until next month. So, in the meantime, or will I forever, in the logistics position? My mind went blank. I started feeling embarrassed by myself. For three months, have I been wasting my time, keeping my hopes up to only let myself down ?

Yes, the job they gave me was logistics.

After the general meeting, I immediately run up to my manager, asked her why I am still in the logistics position and if I am ever going to learn webdesign. And her answer was that they, as a matter of fact put me in the logistics position because they are short-staffed. They even said, my chance of learning web design was almost zero percent because I am mere a student. The moment I realized that all of my hopes has never been,or will ever be accomplished, all that was left in my heart was anger.

I learned a lesson. But I didn’t quit .


Posted by Eri