I could not hold back my anger 駅での出来事から


The accident happened in the station
Last week in the station, while I was walking toward ticket barriers, a guy was walking unsteadily to me. I knew that we bump into each other if we don’t dodge quickly, so I stepped back and moved my body to the left. However, very quickly, the guy stretched his arm to my side and hit my body. For a moment I could not understand what has happened to me, but gradually I could see the picture. That guy bumped into me on purpose. When I realized this fact, I felt really scared and could not suppress my anger. All through my life, I did not know there could be such a bad person in my country. I was overwhelmed with this thought, and felt insecure about my own safety.
I heard one more such thing fell into my co-worker. There is a large dining hall with many tables in my work place. One day, my co-worker found the place to eat, and there were no people who were sitting around that table. And then, when she started to eat, an unfamiliar man suddenly sit across the table. She has felt strange, and moved two seats from where she had sat. Surprisingly, that man also moved his seats and sat across her again! This time she felt terrified, walked away and sat down far from that table.
Sadly, there are some people who find pleasure with hurting other’s feelings. I do not know what kind of problems they have, but it is true that they could hurt innocent people. I do not know whether women tend to become their target or not, but since I have a strong sense of justice, I cannot forgive them. I know I have to grow up, but when they feel happy, the victims feel sad and angry. This is just not right.
However, this inequality of feelings is brought about in other situations. For example, every competition brings winner to happy, looser to frustration. However, these peculiar feelings of each side arise only when they fight fair. The bad people’s behavior is unfair, because they know that victims cannot fight back. Most of victims would swallow their insults, because they do not want to get in trouble. Ironically however, they can defense themselves only by fighting back, because if it escalated to the “incident”, we could appeal to the law. In Japan, article 13 of the Constitution says that “All of the people shall be respected as individuals. Their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness shall, to the extent that it does not interfere with the public welfare, be the supreme consideration in legislation and in other governmental affairs.” Their offensive acts have possibility to against the law, because they harm “the public welfare”, and every nation has right to pursuit the happiness. To rely on the law is the only way we can stand on the same position as aggressors, but it would be seen as making a fuss.
Thinking too much about such little incidents may be overreacting and waste of time. However, when we always hold back our feelings and cannot fight back, we would be played into aggressors’ hand. Even there is nothing we can do about our frustrations; we should do any possible things to protect ourselves from aggressors. When we see the whole picture of Japan, we would be relatively thought that we live happily. However, small fight, sometimes terrifying incidents are happening day after day. Constitution and laws cannot protect everyone, this is why we have to protect ourselves by ourseves.
(quote from http://japan.kantei.go.jp/constitution_and_government_of_japan/constitution_e.html)