Impressions of Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben/ 5パーセントの奇跡 嘘から始まる素敵な人生 を見て


Saliya’s passion サリーの情熱が教えてくれること

On this day of last week, I went to watch the German flim, “Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben" to the theatre in Shinjuku. Little do I know (知る由がない)that this movie was showed in what countries, but yes we can watch this in Japan.
Funny thing that I didn’t have any interesting of this film when it has started showing, but as I have seen the bill again and again, I have grown attatched feeling and began to feel like watching it. As a result, I watched it and it was success. This was kind of movie that I have never seen, and yet it brought a strong message to me.
This movies is based on a true story, written by the one and only protagonist of this flim, Saliya Kahawatte. Just the same as flim, he suddenly had infected by congenital retinal detachement (先天性網膜剥離) and lost 95% of his eyesight when he was 15 years old. Nonetheless, he passed Abitur(graduation exam) and finished his regular high school and started vocational training. It seems that Saliya Kahawatte in real did not work at a five-star hotel , but he certainly succeeded as a hotel-keeper and restaurant’s owner.
The movie, “Mein Blind Date mit dem Leben" depicts Saliya’s struggling days trying to get a job at a five-star hotel, supported by his family, friends, girlfriend who get him on the right track.(正しい道へと歩ませる)
Since this movie is about a man’s success story, it centers in what happens to Saliya Kahawatte. After he went blind, he determained not to give up his carrier because of his disease, so he applyed for a five-star hotel cosealing the fact that he has visual impairment.(視覚障害)Thanks to his sister’s eager support, he could pass the first interview and started to work as a trainee. However, after short-lived joy,(喜びもつかの間) his ordeal training started. As is usual with the new job, the hotel he started to work had tons of things to remember. Ordinally person could take a note and read the guidebooks to memorize manuals, but he could not do both, so he learned them all by heart. Because of his surprising hard work and clarity of mind, he overcame many high requirments. Even so, there are many jobs that is impossible to do without clear eyesight. However, actually the time when he hit the deadlock is when the movies’ highlight starts.(映画の見せ場)Before I write, I need to write about the most important person, Max. On the first interview day, Saliya made good friends with the guy who called Max, who has the opposite personality of his. He is a shallow, frivolous (浅はかな)young man who had beeen washed his fathers hands of him, (父親に愛想をつかされた)although he is really compassionate. For some reason,(どういうわけか) they really hit it off and they gave what they want with each other, so Max became Saliya’s eyes and Saliya helpedMax with his brain.This movie is a little bit of a love story as well, so Max sometimes gives an advice about his love, and takes a role as a Cupid.
Now let’s get back on track, (話を元に戻そう)and considerate when Saliya had big difficulities with job requirement . As you imagine, the tasks require accuracy (正確さ)are the ones he struggles with. For example, spreading tablecloth and setting the tables(食器を並べる) were one of the most difficult tasks for him. To master this, Max offered his father’s restaurant as a training room. With the help of Max, Saliya gradually got the hang of them. Of course Saliya was not just relying on his friend. Making Cocktail (カクテル)was also very difficult, so after two practiced pouring the alcohol into glass, Saliya went into the dark empty bar and memorized the difference of all sorts of whiskeys by touching the bottles, judging by their shapes. Npt only that, he practiced and practiced many operations (操作)by himself, and invented the most suitable way for him to do them right.
This is nothing more than his unyileding efforts. He was objurgated by his boss many times, and sometimes the thought of giving up everything came up to his mind, but he kept on doing. Although he could not do anything without his friend’s help, collegue’s uderstanding, family’s support, but the final cause he could overcome any difficulties is his passion to the hotel. Other than anything, he aspired to work at the five-star hotel, and this passion never let him to give up. In the last scene, Saliya’s boss told him, “You are the first person I’ ve ever met who has stronger passion to our hotel than mine.". This phrase tells everyting about his life, and his personality. His strong passion led him to succeed in not only his hotel carrer, but also in his entire life.
The thing I’ ve learned from this film is this message.
“Everybody has its own difficulties, but whether you try to overcome it or not depends on you. Once you made up your mind to try, someone who respond to your passion show up, and they help you when you are losing your heart. You can give up if you want, but your flaring passion never let you do so. When you are out of lack, someome who knows your efforts always give you a hand. So never give up anything before you even try, if you try it with strong mind, everything is going to be alright."
Lastly, I would like to drop this topic to my English studying. Now I am driven into a coner about my English level, and it is agonizing me, but I love English, and I don’ t wanna give up. As I learned from the movie, if my feeling toward English is “passion", I cannot give up. Like Saliya, supported by many people, I believe I can be a good English speaker. When I felt immured, I would like to go back to this movie.
If you are having some difficulties, this movie could be your answer to your goals.


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